Monday, August 3, 2009

ShopBop's Denim

* nearly identical as my first blog posting for Style By Me

Its Monday afternoon, ShopBop just launched their own denim, and a couple of the styles are sold out already. Even the ones that are still available have only one or two sizes left. ShopBop has definitely changed the way many think of online shopping, and has been the best retail therapy for me while I was in college stuck in the middle of nowhere. It was my go-to page when I would get stuck writing a paper, and a way of finding out what was in fashion in the real world while I was stuck in the rural upstate bubble.

ShopBop stylists Bobbie Broeske and Morgan Wendelborn designed and distressed each of the jeans. One of the reasons I love the collection partly has to do with just credibility: these two are the ones styling the photoshoots that you see on the website, so what could you not like about something that they make themselves?

There are 13 styles in all and here are half of what is still available. Yes they are mostly all shredded but I've been loving these kind of denim lately:

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