Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crazy Stuff Happening in New York (whats new about that)

"J.C. Penney has broken free of its suburban parking area to invade Herald Square, and the most frequent question on New York’s collective lips seems to be: Why?"
That is the starting line for the article, but it gets so much better. I got a kick out of reading this in the New York Times, read it! I already think Macy's is bad enough with those wooden elevators that should have been renovated before I was born. And now JCP lands in Manhattan, reassuring Macy's its okay to be here (although its really not).

Moving on: Fashion Meets Finance
It’s a social get-together for women in fashion and men in finance. Kind of like the (fashionable) Beauty & the (rich) Geek. Makes sense in theory, but oh please, really?

This reminds me of the silly but entertaining DABA blog I used to read earlier this year. I mean I do prefer guys in the finance field more than the doctor types just because of the personality (i tend to generalize that finance guys are more alpha-male, assertive, and social than guys in med school - i am waiting to be proven wrong), but FmF is just so tacky.
Let's all date chefs - how about Fashion Meets Food? Already sounds better to me.

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