Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ashley Olsen

When people ask me who is the celebrity you would most want to meet, I always say the Olsen twins. And then yesterday I saw Ashley for the first time. Well she didn't really catch my eye at first (I'm usually really bad at celebrity sighting bc I don't pay much attention to strangers) but wow she is tiny. In the perfect tiny way a person could be. All I remember was that she was wearing these beautiful lightweight pastel green velvet (so many adjectives i know) pants. My interest in velvet has been growing these days, and I never thought anyone could wear them the way she did and as a bottom! *le sigh* only would an Olsen...

She has the best black bags (the Hermes birkin, the Givenchy nightingale, and the Fendi carryall) and the coolest leather jackets. When I first saw that gold studded Givenchy jacket, I was like WOW, and it still wows me. I also love her fur collection (I am not against people wearing fur - people wear leather - tell me if this logic isn't sensible).

I also think Ashley's wardrobe is more posh, a little more businesswoman-like than Mary-Kate. She pulls off polished and clean looks more often as if she were going to work (which is probably doing for her fashion business The Row). I love how the Olsen twins are taking advantage of their privilege to be in the fashion spotlight and sharing it with all of us by making a fashion line they would wear. I love Elizabeth & James, but I love The Row even more - if it weren't so expensive. They have expanded Elizabeth & James into jewelry, shoes, and even menswear.

I have a ton of other photos but I had to just choose a few...I want to point out that Prada turban hairband Ashley rocked a few years ago. Looks awesome and not something everyone can pull off with that kind of cool.

And last, this has been my laptop background for such a long time:

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