Saturday, August 22, 2009

How I Think Men Should Dress Like

UPDATE: shabby chic - my fav photoshoot in this mag i wanted to post
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I bought the Men's Non-No (popular Japanese magazine- can't read any of the text but tons of images make it worth to buy) to check out what is in fashion over there. Japan is probably the trendiest city for men, because I believe there is a greater population of men that actually care about fashion. They also have great designers there that help them out how to dress cool. Korean guys are pretty up there on fashion-consciousness, but I have seen too many guys who fail at dressing themselves, or try too hard that it just a big F for failure. And then I have seen it all in college with the frat boy types with that whole "preppy" thing I have no love for. So what are my mental rules of what the opposite sex should or should not wear?

Thumbs down
  • Graphic t-shirts that are so messy (Ed Hardy is a prime example)
  • Deep v-necks (its not sexy)
  • Boring designer denim in a boring wash and a boot cut, like some from Seven
  • Paperboy caps (only on older men like 50+ does it look good)
  • Trucker hats (only if you are the Ashton Kutcher type)
  • True Religion / Rock & Republic jeans- they are ok on girls but really a no-no on guys. it shows that you are willing to spend money on jeans but have poor taste
  • Vests, especially if you are not super skinny and tall, or super old like older than my dad. I know vests are meant for men but I think if you want to wear a vest wear a suit jacket over it. 
  • Polo shirts...I know everyone wears it, but I kind of puke in my mouth a little when I see popped collars.
  • Big belt buckles are so tacky.
  • The thin silver or gold necklaces some guys wear, SUCH a turn-off.
Thumbs up
  • Plaid shirts (esp. in reds)
  • Straight leg Levi's
  • Boat shoes
  • Fashion sneakers but in the right colors
  • Rolled up pants
  • Worn out grey t-shirts, slightly tight on buff guys
  • White t-shirts (you can never go wrong!)
  • Beanies (only in chilly weather)
  • Retro sunnies
  • Beige khakis (shorts and pants both work - I always notice a guy who knows how to coordinate a beige outfit)

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