Sunday, October 31, 2010

SP11) accessories that caught my eye

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i am in need of those rick owens shoes; they are screaming for me!

Monday, October 18, 2010

SP11) The Best of Backstage Beauty

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1. Jil Sander 2. Fendi 3. Valentino 4. Nina Ricci 5. Chloe 6. Prada
7. Giambattista Valli 8. Oscar de la Renta 9. Christian Dior 10. Rick Owens

I Was So Blind. But Love Is Blind.

  1. 거짓말 하면 안돼요 - 진실을 숨길려고 하거나, 부풀려서 얘기하거나, 했던 약속 아무렇지 않게 어기거나, 없는 얘기 지어내거나, every거짓말 사람이 신뢰가 되지않고 믿을 수 없게 돼요.
  2. 게으름은 정말 아니예요 - 인생은 한번 사는건데 뭐든지 귀찮아하면 나도 힘빠져요. 하지만 게으름뱅이는 자기가 그렇다는걸 모르고 살수도 있어요. 그게 laid back한거라고 착각하고 실수도 있죠.
  3. 쪼잔하면 안돼요 - 그게 무엇이던: 돈, 사랑, 자존심, 행동 - 남자는 마음 넓어야 돼요. 남자가 마음이 넓어야지 여자가 기댈수가 있어요. 그리고 당신에게 중요한것을 맡길수가 있어요. 여자는 이거 하나로 당신은 존경 할수가 있구요. 무시 당하고 싶지 않으면 크게 생각하세요. 그래야 당신이 원하는 여자가 될수가 있는거예요.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dying Will

Both my dog and I have been getting sick lately...are we just aging faster than normal or what? Hopefully after this phase I don't have to frequent the vet/doctor like how it is these days. So today before my procedure the nurse asked if I had a will. I don't but if I die please have me buried in this Rick Owens leather jacket. It is what I wanted to live in all winter. So why not wear it to death?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spring 2011: My top picks from Milan

To start off, I have to say I was extremely disappointed with London that I have no desire to pick any as my top 3. Milan kind of made it up for me though. I think Milan had a refined and subdued feel throughout, or at least those were my favorites.

1. Jil Sander - I was surprised by the use of mix and match bold colors, yet it looked tasteful and well thought out. The t-shirt-maxi-sack-dress looks really easy and sporty, and I feel like women will be flocking to buy those jackets and dresses.
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2. Dolce & Gabbana - I am a sucker for an all-white collection (minus this season's Alexander Wang...what happened?? Nevermind.) The lace done in many ways and the layering of sheer whites is such a dream.
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3. MaxMara - The peek-a-boo suit *drool* and the use of luxe fabric won me over. I also love the usage of bold single-tone outfits.
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