Sunday, June 27, 2010

shoe - bag pairings

i like to pair my accessories the way i pair my wine and cheese.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Lady Wears A Mask

I'm the kind of girl who prefers to gives herself a manicure and pedicure than paying someone else to do it. The same thing goes with facials and spas. Well actually, I'd love to go to a spa but the good ones are always alot of money, so I haven't received a facial in awhile. Meanwhile, I give myself mini facials at home with all sorts of masks. I think I have more masks than moisturizers. I've tried all kinds of them too. I want to highlight my favorite that I would highly recommend to others.
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When my skin feels oily - I use B e a u t y  C r e d i t's Green Tea Yellow Soil Mousse Pack (basically a green tea clay mask that comes out like a mousse). You only have to squeeze a little bit out and it foams up. When you apply to your face, it sinks into your skin and has more of a clay texture. My skin always feels nice and soft, and the clay sucks up all the excess oil. You can only get it in Korea, and I think its around 10 bucks.

When I had a long night or fell asleep without washing up - I use M a l i n + G o e t z's Detox Face Mask. This squeezes out like a thick gel, but in a minute it starts foaming on your face. Its like a super cleanser - picks up all the dirt and icky stuff on your face while oxygenating. Its also moisturizing so you can wipe it off with tissue to leave on while you sleep, or rinse off with a wet cloth. I like leaving it on because I think it works throughout the night.

When I spent too much time in the office/library and my face feels dry - I use S K  I I's Facial Treatment Mask. You peel off the packaging and inside is a face mask you apply: the mask is quenched in SKII's signature concentrate, which hydrates your face. I put it in the fridge during the summer and it cools down my face as well. I think this is the ultimate quick skin fix. It makes a huge difference the next day when I apply make-up on as well.

Sunday, June 13, 2010