Friday, August 14, 2009

Finding Your Lashmate

Many go on a journey to find The One. When I say The One, I mean the mascara that will do wonders - make that guy notice you when you bat your eyes, prevent panda bear eyes after partying all night long...well I am going to make a bold statement: I think I found it, the mascara for me. It never smudges and I have had a few people ask if I have fake eyelashes on (but of course you need to curl your lashes first to get the best effect)

I tried this out because my friend recommended it to me - she said its the best mascara she ever used. This is a Japanese product from a cosmetic company called Kiss Me. The mascara line is called "Heroine" and it comes in Volume & Curl and Long & Curl. They also have a mascara removing wand because the product is very waterproof (although it comes off fine with regular makeup remover as well). I bought the Long & Curl because I like the look of long separated eyelashes that are more sparse than thick. Anyway I purchased this in Korea at a sephora/drugstore-like place for about 12 dollars. So you can either check out an Asian cosmetics store nearby or on E-bay.

I guess I haven't tried too many to settle down with this magic wand, but I'ved tried Shu Uemura, Maybelline (the green and pink wand that everyone says is good - I personally dislike), Clinique, Mac...they are either just too thin and runny or too thick and lumpy. I have the Dior Show that everyone raves about somewhere in my apt I haven't tried yet, but I have a feeling it may fall into the thick and lumpy category...I shouldn't be judgmental since I haven't tried it yet. Still think this Japanese mascara may be The One for me!

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