Friday, July 31, 2009

NYC restaurant week wrap-up

Twice every year, NYC has restaurant week where a bunch of nice restaurants to promote their 3-course menu for $35. They are mostly upscale restaurants that serve a pricier tasting menu when its not restaurant week. I think its still going on, but I am not planning to go to more for this summer. Here is a review of 5 that I visited over last summer and this summer:

Riingo (so-so): The food was quite plain and the place was empty. I think this might be so because we went for lunch, but even so it was just so ordinary. If I want Japanese fusion I would go to Morimoto instead.

JoJo (do not recommend): It's a French restaurant on the UES, the ambience was very nice and quiet, but the food was horrible. The fish had a weird spice, the chicken was very salty, and everything else was less than mediocre.

Vong (do not recommend): It's supposed to be fusion Thai, but I don't remember any of the dishes using Thai spices or even tasting similar to Thai food. The place was pretty but we were seated in wobbly chairs, which made the dining experience even more uncomfortable. I would recommend Kittichai to anyone who wants fusion Thai.

Crema (recommend): When you think of Mexican food, you usually think of tacos and cheap eats, but Crema is like an upscale Mexican restaurant, and I loved the appetizer and entree. All the portions were big, had the element of Mexican in every dish, and was good! I especially liked the appetizer because it was kind of like a tortilla wrap filled with soft duck meat, and it foie gras on top with a cheese-based sauce. The main course was hangar steak with a mix of corn, chips, black beans on the side.

Telepan (recommend): This UWS restaurant serves French cuisine, and they had a variety of dishes to choose from, and we got many dishes with small portions. So I felt like I had a well-rounded meal without feeling stuffed. Everything tasted great and the place was packed, but still quiet enough to enjoy a good conversation.

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