Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lipstick Queen

You know when the beauty experts tell you, its either the lips or the eyes. I always thought, 'if your eyes are your best feature, you should always accentuate your eyes', duh! But then once you start wearing lipstick, you get hooked. You feel like a lady. Like the kind that gently dabs her lips with a napkin before dining, and then while you're not looking magically has colored lips again when the meal is finished. But sometimes you feel kind of dangerous and badass, like (MK Olsen driving sloowww, credits to Olsens Anonymous):

I started wearing lipstick last year, when I was given a few lipsticks from Lipstick Queen. For someone just starting to understand lipstick, Lipstick Queen made it easy. They have two basic kinds, the Saint and the Sinner. The Saint has 10% pigment while the Sinner has 90%, so they come in the same shades, just different opacity. I decided to be daring and got them both in same shade: red. Now that I have tried on lipsticks from other brands, I could now say that my first lipstick spoiled me. I've tried department store lipsticks that were too glossy, deceptively sheer, or too dry that my lips would start peeling. Now I only wish they had more shades, like a lavender whip color (the discontinued color I wish I had from MAC).

I also got to choose a Shine lipgloss. I got the Gold Saint and yes, its extremely glossy, but the texture is something new, nothing like I tried before. I have a feeling their main ingredient to mix up this lip gloss is one that other companies don't use. I love the gooey-ness (I know that doesn't sound attractive, but it describes the texture best) of it, but I wish it were easy to apply. The pot is cute, but not practical. I also got the Medieval - this is cool because it uses the same technique women in the way olden days used to color their lips - by squeezing on lemon. I like to wear this as a lip balm that has a hint of redness and vitamin E.

I was really interested in this brand after using their products, so I purchased Poppy King's book (which is basically about the rise and falls of her business, and tips on those starting their own business) and was able to get it signed by her as well! They don't sell Lipstick Queen at Sephora but they have them at Space NK and Barneys. I want to try out the Black Tie Optional lipgloss and lipstick this fall, but maybe just to test it out...

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