Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sniff Sniff

Fragrances I have owned and used enough to write a short review about.

Calvin Klein Be: Its unisex, hence the first perfume I purchased for myself in the 8th grade, when I was into hip-hop and thought dressing like a boy was cool. More people used to prefer CK One, but nobody uses them anymore because its so mass. I mean they even sell it at Wal-Mart. But I still love it and miss the smell, and might buy one to wear to bed. I don't know if its because I had it when I was so young, but it gives you the kind of feeling you would correlate to memories of your first crush.

Clinique Happy: Very fruity, what I wore in high school when most of the girls who were wearing perfume opted for Ralph Lauren. I don't like it anymore because it smells too sweet.

Lanvin's Eclat D'arpege: Got it as a gift, but barely used it because its so overwhelming for me. I'm usually into light perfumes, the kind that give a burst of freshness when you first put it on, but gradually wears off. If you're into heavy woody/oriental scents, you may like it.

Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue: I used to be in love with it and then slowly my friends started to wear it, which was okay because I was done with my bottle and decided not to repurchase. Who wants to smell like their friends anyway? Nevertheless, you feel feminine and grown-up when you wear this. If nobody around you wears this scent, you should def. try it out.

Stella McCartney's Stella: I usually used it at night because it smells romantic and sexy at the same time. I might buy it again, but maybe in the Sheer because then I could wear it during the day as well.

Acqua di Parma's Arancia di Capri: This is one of the five from the Blu Mediterraneo collection, and also my current love. It is always refreshening and I never get sick of it. I got it like 2 years ago and I'm almost finished with the bottle. Now they are sold everywhere, but I have yet to smell this on someone else, so I may get another bottle. Its really energizing and puts color into your day, especially when you're feeling groggy in the morning.

Chloe: I got this because I loved the bottle design and thought it smelled nice, but this again is too heavy for me, so I only use it when I go out at night. The best way to explain how it smells is that you feel like you're living in an old-hollywood film, sort of vintage but romantic.

...and on my wishlist, Fresh's Strawberry Flowers: I wanted to get the Mangosteen fragrance from Fresh, but it didn't smell as nice as I imagined it to be (because Mangosteens are so tasty). I saw that they have this new limited edition fragrance and I love the scent, so I'm planning to buy this one before the summer ends!

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