Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nicole Richie

My favorite celebrity personalities all around the globe break down to- US: Nicole Richie, UK: Victoria Beckham, and Korea: Seo Inyoung. They are similar in that they are very outspoken, hilarious, stylish, and an unapologetic attitude. When I watched 'Simple Life' like 5 years ago, Nicole Richie outshined Paris Hilton with her craziness and wit. Everything she said was soo funny. My favorite is when she's like "I pay someone to live for me." Anyway, I am in love with her fashion style. These pictures are very old that I've been collecting.

Summer look: I cut a pair of jeans to get the look of her ripped shorts I couldn't find anywhere. I think nowadays you can get them easily. I'm also convinced she has almost every color of that Balenciaga bag...same style same size.

Prints: She wears alot of Anna Sui-ish print tops alot, and often accessorizes a tee-and-jean look with a colorful print scarf.

Downtime Paparazzi: Gosh I love all of these outfits, especially the striped top ones. She is really tiny but because of her tiny frame, her legs look longgg even when she is wearing flats.

Red Carpet: well, not exactly red carpet, but for special events she always pulls off a clean look, soft colors, and to be honest sometimes very rachel zoe-esque, maybe moreso because of the similarity in their figure.

She has her own jewelry line called House of Harlow 1960, I really like the headpieces and am excited to see the fall collection! (I also follow her on Twitter bc I'm a dork like that!)

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