Wednesday, July 8, 2009

1st blog post: All about Alexander Wang

I first encountered the name in my Elle magazine few years ago when he was at an age I currently am now (I think only 2 years back) and already he has won the CFDA womenswear awards. He collaborated with Uniqlo and Gap but sadly never found anything (or was too late) for me there. But I got some stuff at his sample sale last summer (where I got a glimpse of him). Theres another one tomorrow hurray! Hope I find can find things in my size.
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Here are just some pieces from previous collections I loved so far:
Fall 08

Spring 09

Fall 09

Resort 10 (amazing & a huge improvement from the resort 09)

and then he expanded into handbags/shoes/basic tees BEST DECISION EVER

When the T collection first came out in spring 09 bc i was skeptical, but quickly changed my mind when the fall 09 collection came out: the designs are def. different and cut in ways you've always dreamed of. i tried on the t-shirt dress (the one right below) and was soo in love. it was over $100 but you can't find anything like it elsewhere (except for the row which is even pricier) but for some reason the XS size was still too big and baggy, as you can see on the model as well.

so i first saw that gunshot bag (the one with all the studs on the bottom) several months back when mk olsen had it like and wanted it so much! i think this is a smaller version from what she had...i prefer the bigger one but i guess it was just a sample. and those booties...ahhh i know i'd feel like a superhero if i wore them.

update: waited in line before the sale started, things were as cheap as last year, I saw that dress I saw in Boon the Shop while I was in Korea a few months ago, sales lady said it was the new spring collection when it was actually the old resort. grrr...but still too pricey for what it is, with footprints and all from the craziest chaos. the guards were staring at the girls stripping down, i wonder if they knew or just didn't care.
and so I ended up only getting one dress. its a prototype so there was only one...i'm guessing by the velvet material and black netting it was for pre-fall 09 (everything was spring 09 and resort 09), in which case, score!

super long post of photos but one last one...of The Dress

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