Monday, July 20, 2009

frolicking in Central Park

I took my dog to Central Park the other weekend for a nice day soaking up the sun. I hauled her in a tote bag and made sure I had a blanket to lay on, water for both of us, a book, and my i-pod. I feel like Central Park heavily populated all the time, but you can still find a quiet place to just read and even fall asleep.
When my dog started running on the grass I was so happy because it is what I've always pictured, something that she didn't have a chance to do when we lived in Seoul. But she ran into the grass because the temperature was cooler there and in less than a minute, she plopped down and panted heavily like she had ran a marathon. I took a picture of her like that because it was too funny.

I was supposed to meet up with my friends there but I had been there too long, we were both in need of air conditioning, so we peaced out before and we walked through the park all the way to Bloomingdales, because I know dogs are allowed in. I really wanted to sit down in their cafe and drink some lemonade but I didn't think they would allow dogs. I always thought shopping with your dog was so cool, but not when your dog weighs more than 13 lbs and the department store is too crowded to let your dog walk around-
BUT I would still totally do the whole day over again.

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