Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've been wanting a pair of shredded black jeans ever since I saw a picture of this Korean celebrity/fashionista RyoWon wearing some last fall. They look supercool and are perfect to complete the homeless-but-upper-class look. Then I saw something similar at Top Shop, and when they finally had my size on stock, they were still too big on the calves. I love how it is high-waist, but it didn't lookk good because the holes were bagging on the bottom. It would be perfect for somebody else (and its only $90), but I guess not for my body type.

But Current/Elliott has one out this season, and I love the wash, the softness of the denim, now all I have to do is try them on before my size runs out. I even found a picture of Lohan from Denim Blog wearing them. I'm a little hesitant because they are $235, which isn't bad at all but I'm a little skewed from all the +50% sales on designer denim...

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