Monday, November 30, 2009

One of the few things I would take if I were stranded on an island...

I love products, I've made an evolution from discovering pharmacy products to Sephora stores and now I'm into department store cosmetic counters. I still like to try all kinds of brands at different price points, but there is something I picked up along the way I will never say goodbye to, and its Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion.

I've used the Body Shop's body butter, Nivea, Vaseline, Aloe Vera, and nothing works better. It really moisturizes the skin and has absolutely no residue (that gooey feeling other products leave behind). One of my friends (who has good skin) even uses this on her face! I think we bonded over our devotion for it. I used to have beyond-normal dry skin as a teen but I've been using this product after I shower every day all over my body (for maybe 4 years?), and now my skin is really soft! So yes...I firmly believe every household should own a bottle of this good stuff.

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