Saturday, December 5, 2009

Barneys has a blog!

I get e-mail blasts from Barneys almost every day, and their graphics are always specially designed just for the e-mail blast I thought it was such a pretty waste. And sometimes I see youtube videos of their creative director and fashion all just made me wish they would have their own blog to archive these, or let out all their tasteful ruling for us regular citizens to follow. When I go shopping for myself I usually trust designers and brands that has the Barneys seal of approval. Like I can't get myself to purchase a fragrance for a loved one that sells at Sephora and every other store, but would consider spending extra bucks if it is somewhat exclusive so they can still smell nice but not like everybody else. Especially when you live in NYC, live around tons of people, this is more likely. 

But they have their own blog! ta-da!

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