Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Dream Phillip Lim Bag

About two months back, I stopped by the Phillip Lim store on Mercer St. to check out the fall collection. I cam across this beautiful green handbag with gold studs. It had a long strap and it was made of suede. It wasn't too expensive but at the same time it was out of my budget. So sadly I kissed it farewell. It is on the tippy top of my Christmas list if it is still in stock by then. I found a red/blue one on the website, and Rachel Bilson sporting a black version.

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I also came across the lookbook for fall and holiday...I mean I wanted almost everything! The only three Phillip Lim clothing I have in my closet have been worn so many times and I never seem to get sick of it. One of them is a white blouse I think I have to throw out just because I wore it to death...*sniff* I have to dedicate a blog post to dear Mr. Phillip Lim! (I mean why haven't I already)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Clearly she has been utilizing this bag 24/7.

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