Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In Search for the Perfect Plaid Blazer

First off I love blazers because they look sharp and I think it also slims your figure. I want a plaid blazer that has a tight fit as if it were made for a woman, but use of an old man's plaid suit, with the shades khakis and browns. I saw this picture of Korean actress and fashion icon Ryowon and thought it was nearly perfect! But the actual blazer has huge shoulder pads and a zipper closing, but I do love the pattern and how it has open seams where the sleeves and shell are supposed to come together:
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Here are some things I found. I came pretty close to buying that Topshop blazer, it has a quirky color and some shoulder pads for extra structure, but the knit material was no good. I prefer something woven and that is a wool blend!
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