Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still Swooning over NY shows: Proenza Schouler and Preen

Anna Wintour chose the wrong season/year to fly to London for their fashion week, because so far, NY shows > London shows by alot. Usually I love London shows more, but my favorite designers disappointed, or just didn't step it up for the Spring 2010. Not to mention, CondeNast is supposed to 25% of its budget which includes travels, hotels, transportation, and of course employees...

I know its still London fashion week, but how amazing was Proenza Schouler? and Preen (thank you for moving to new york)? Fucking beautiful.

I can't really put my finger on a specific theme but thats what makes it special. Its like animal print, but exotic insects color, bug-eye glasses, then the whole bleachy hair, and the knit ikat-like dresses, the reconstructed shirtdress, like what the hell is going on? but its so put-together at the same time. Proenza Schouler does draw to a younger crowd, and this crowd I know will spend - are already probably eager to get their hands on almost everything here.
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Preen played it more safe with a smooth transition from last season, sticking to their signature aesthetic, but really giving what the Preen customer wants: a power dress that turns both women's and men's heads, fashion or non-fashion people's attention.
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Here are dresses from each of designers being worn already:
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Editor to your left, model to your right. God must love you two very much.

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