Monday, September 21, 2009

Solid Collections from NY: 3.1 Phillip Lim and Rodarte

You know the level to expect from Phillip Lim and the Rodarte girls every season. And they don't disappoint. I love the consistency they bring, never disappointing and staying true...actually, I did see some Rodarte-ish dresses from Phillip Lim and some Balenciaga-ish top+bottom combo at Rodarte. There are too many designers that pull from Balenciaga it can almost be dismissed.

There is something for every occassion for the Lim girl. In the rain (red trench), in the day (dress with grey sweater on top), at work (black dress under white vest), something edgy (leather jacket), something fun (silver sequined blazer), and of course, the cocktail dress for parties.
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I have this recent fascination with tattoos, and those tribal prints on the skin with dark lips look so cool. Their clothing is always like a piece of art you just want to see and feel in person to appreciate it to the fullest. I loved! Though the only one thing is that it is a bit dark for a spring collection...
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