Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just Thoughts

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What do you think about friends who you invite to your birthday function and they don't get you a gift or offer to pay a portion of the birthday dinner (basically you treat them)?

Or friends that you give (nice) birthday gifts to, but you've never received something from them?

Also, what do you think about friends that crash at your place and expect this and that, borrow this and that, then leave without treating you to lunch or some small gesture?

This would never occur to me, but if you're in a group setting with your guy and gal pals, why should guys have to pay the tab? Shouldn't girls pitch in their share if its not a one-on-one date setting (and especially if you're all friends)? 

Is it just poor upbringing? Is it acceptable because they "just don't know"? Is it OK because they are just still young and learning social skills? Do older people act this way too? Am I just being petty? Or does someone (like me) have to address the rudeness for it to be actually pondered?

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